The Truth About Happiness

To whom it may concern,

The one word to describe our friendship is: Eventful. Ups, downs, sideways; you name it. But, as always, things change. We naturally evolve and this is always for the better. At the time it may appear to be wrong and heart-breaking but I remember warning you before that you will not regret it.

Memories on how you swore that things will not get better and yet they did. Memories on how you thought I was the only one and yet I am not. Memories on how the world seemed so dark and yet there is light. At last, you are happy.

There was always somebody better than I out there for you and you have found him. This is brilliant. I am not bitter or jealous because for the first time in ages I have seen you happy. You smile and radiate the world around you and this gives me such a good feeling. Previously, you were unhappy and to come to me was perhaps desperation. I was the only one that made sense but that didn't mean we were destined together. I cannot stop progress and nor can you.

I have changed since when we last met. I am an entirely different person to that shaded character in the past and I think that is marvellous. I look back and see this awkward fool; I probably am still an awkward fool but I am a rather good awkward fool. The only thing is that I am still bloody awful at relationships. But I challenge myself and have met another. This person gives me the childish feeling of love over and over again but I think they are not aware on my existance; this person would be so unexpected to you so I will not name them. I cherish you as a friend and long may it last because I do love you but never in that way.   

Two words that hold so much meaning in them: Thank you. I am incredibly happy for you and would never want that to wane. You are a spectactular person and now you have met an equally spectactular person; for this, I am eternally grateful. You changed my perception on the world, its people and on myself.

Long live our friendship. Thank you for the happy times.

With love,


The End

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