The Lost Letter Never Received

To whom it may concern,

You know that this is directed at you and you can call me an old-fashioned romantic but this is the way I do things.

I supposedly broke your heart. This hurts me so much to know. You had poured your heart out to me and you are quite possibly the most brave person to do so; I certainly would be too frightened. You told me those fateful words which I had never heard called to me before therefore I was scared and ran. I am a complete and utter coward.

I am not good-looking and I know you said that doesn't matter but after years of ridicule and dejection, it takes its toll on you. I have been weighed down by others and circumstances. For years I have been playing the fool and many have attempted to bring me down. The person whom I was is now gone and has been for three years. I am dead inside.

No-one has ever told me that they have those feelings for me and I am such an awkward person when it comes to those things. I have had no experience in the areas that you want to explore. I have been hiding in the shadows as though I have been cast aside.

I rejected you. I ignored you. Although I cared for you, I was such a terrible soul. I panicked and learnt that I cannot run far enough. I was worried on what others would think and see but yet did not worry on how it would affect you.

After years of unkind words, I believed them. I felt you could do so much better than me and it would be easier for you to move on. I felt that you would be wasted on me and someone else could take you. I have become a monster and there is no beauty and the beast in the real world.

You hate me now and that is fully understandable but what pains me the most is the fact that our friendship and feelings for one another is being blanked out. You want nothing to do with me and want to ignore what was once precious. Basically, you hate me.

I understand that. I cannot move on though.

Even in this letter and expression to you, I have avoided the one word which tore us apart: "Love". My dear, I love you but that is why this was not meant to be. You are a beautiful and marvellous person and I am sure that you will move on and find your Romeo whereas I will not find my Juliet.

Move on. This will be so much better for you in the future. But please, one final request:

Forgive me for what harm I have caused and pain suffered that has come from me. I am incredibly sorry and it may take a long time to forgive me but please consider it. Do not forget me in the shadows but you need to glisten in the light.

Shine on and move on to an utopian paradise meant for you.

With love,


The End

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