Save The Unicorns

Oh, my name is SaveTheUnicorns

When I write and dream ideas are born

Creativity’s a part of me

A part of who I am and hope to be

My heart is young, yet my soul is old

With wisdom and wit that the stars foretold

Not afraid to dream; not afraid to grow

Open your eyes and then you’ll know

My spirit soars freely; extremely exultant

Nothing can destroy this perfect moment

It’s never too late to save someone

Infuse love and faith ‘till thy will is done

True hope is alive and never in vain

If you wanna see the rainbow, gotta make it through the rain

Unicorns may not be real to every eye

But the heart of my mind sees them gallop in the sky

Sometimes fantasy is fact and fact is fantasy

You must look beyond whatever you may see

Childhood memories and whimsical dreams

Are much more profound then they may seem

Become one in yourself; support your crusade

Never forget the promises made


Find home

A lifetime later

Still writing the pages

Time has truly flown.

The End

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