Yo, wassup?

NightMaiden's on stage.

She can't write a rap,

So she's in a rage.

This name I picked,

I don't know why.

See? I can't rap.

But I thought I'd try.

The reason's simple,

It's the words I liked,

I don't like day, so

It had to be night!

The next part's tricky.

I couldn't sound stale.

I ended up at 'maiden,'

Probably a fail.

My habits allowed,

The name to be true.

What can I say?

I'm a one-girl crew.

It's starting not,

To make any sense,

I'd better tie it up,

Victim naming: commence!

It's AnaCristina,

And JoyceFreedom this time,

Hey, you're up!

Let's see you rhyme.


The End

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