Rappin' Rac7hel...


R - A - C - Seven - H - E - L

You can Google my ass, or you can hit up my cell

I hear you haters sayin’ I don’ know how to spell

But that’s just as well, you can’t

Tell me what to do, I won’t listen to you!

What you sayin’ ain’t true and I’m through wit’ chu.

You nosy little whiners all dyin’ to know, “What’s the

point of that seven? What’s the meaning, yo?”

Well I barely remember, it was so long ago.

But I know...

That sh*tty answer ain’t enough to satisfy y’all

Cause you lookin’ at my name like you hit a brick wall

When you get to the “ch” you just stutter and stall

And you all

Wanna aks me, wit’ your nosy little nose,

“Why’s it in the middle? Why is that where it goes?

It could work at the beginning, or the end f’sho.”

You wonder what it’s doin’ there,

It ruins the flow

And you can’t read my name cause you’re too damn slow!

But ya know...

It’s funny when your ass gets hit by the door

When you slip on my wet floor

And you’re missin’ my metaphor

I’m laughin’ cause that’s what

The 7 was meant for

I laughed when you stuttered

And you slipped and you fell

Cause there’s no effin’ way to pronounce what I spell

I’m just Rack-Seven-Hell

And if that doesn’t ring a bell

Then oh well.

The End

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