Yo yo yo

I got some rhymes to throw

But I'll be quick

Cuz then I gotta go.

I wrote this once and deleted it

I’m really no good that this rapping… crap

Now what does is mean?

That oddball's name?

It's a "rain" with a "dance"

But what does it claim?

Well, crazy as I am,

That's what I like to do

I dance in the rain

No inhibitions or shoes.

In the summer time

When the drops pour down

You can find me in street

Just dancin’ it out.


Break a fortune cookie

"Beware of grape with wooden mallet."

Ain't that the truth!

It started with a lack of nom de plume

And it ended with a flower; a name in bloom.

I’m sorry fo' this rappin'

As it’s quite contrite

But I'm almost done so just sit tight

All I gotta do

Is name the next victim[s]

So I'll do that now

With this dictum:

Nicosaurus what???

NightMaiden who???

Write a rap

That’s what you got to do.


Peace out.

The End

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