You gots Jacked!

The name is Jack
and I'm on the attack,
rep'n my side
bringin' the West coast back.
Major offensive
on 'dem fools, so pensive;
they'll be beg'n fo' mercy
from blows unrelented.
A word, a phrase
tongue weave'n a maze,
heads'll be spinning
all 'round in a daze.

'tis the current craze.

Now don't give me flak,
'cause my methods ain't whack;
you just sit'n wish'n you had
slick rhymes like Jack.
Never 'fraid to use the colon semi,
right back at'cha from the northern hemi.
Ain't a one trick dawg,
naw, I've got many.
I be sayin' "Elle, oh Elle,"
like the toll of the bell
ringin' loud and clear:
klaxons down the well.

Shawty, don't tell.

Be grab'n fistfulls of dollars
and fistfulls of fame
with nothing but words
and a drop'a my name.
That's how it works
in the wild wild West,
spaghetti cowboys,
the best of the best.
Now this is Hallowe'en,
don't you make a scene,
innuendo's com'n,
it'll make yah scream.

Jack's off, dun't scoff.

The End

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