Shizzle Dragon

I am a lil dragon, yes I can fly!

But it seems that I be havin’ a inability to rhyme.

There’s a story behind this name, that I do not want to tell,

It started when I was lil, do I rea-lly have to dwell?

I used to enjoy roleplayin’ chats

Before they got shut down by big corporate tw*ts

I would always play a lil dragon, you deal?

It happened that it would just always appeal.


To write this I be havin’ at my disposal...

A rhymin’ dictionary, let’s have a carousal!

I be trippin’ cause I al-so be using;

an urban dictionary which is rather amusing.

But neither are helpin’ which is som’in plain to see.

I gotta stop now, I’m embarrassin’ me.


The peeps I’ve decided I’m picking at random,

Poozzab and FogCat are going in tandem...


Yo, word, for realz. Etc...

The End

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