So you think you can rap?

Well, hi Protagonizers

My name is mysticdawn,

on account o’ bein’ magic

and I love the early morn

Dancing in my bare feet

in the misty morning dew

The keeper of the park says

‘This just won’t do!

If I catch you in my park

Just one more time

I’ll have you up in court

and sent down the line’

Well he caught me once again

cos my feet just won’t be still,

and soon I was surrounded by

an army of old bill

So they took me to the station

and locked me in a cell,

but my feet were still a-tapping

to a distant chapel bell

The judge asked, 'why you dancing

early mornings in the park?'

I told him that I also like

to dance in the dark

Said the judge a ban on dancing

I think is quite in order,

to give you ample time upon

your actions so to ponder

And if you break conditions

of the terms I do propose

I’ll recall the executioner

to execute your toes

so dear Protagon

my dancing days did cease

When visiting the park now

I just embrace the trees

The End

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