Any would-be rapper out there...

The Faltarego Rap

The name’s Faltarego, and I’m here in my den
Just avoidin’ kitchen duty, I’m not gonna preten’.
But the way that I got here, it’s a happenin’ tale,
So sit back, chill a bit, take a sip o’ yo’ ale.

I was playin’ around wit’ an incredible notion.
Yeah the thoughts hit my brain, they turn into an ocean.
See, this whole ego thing, it’s a trap and a game.
Everybody’s just out there wantin’ money and fame.

So I sez, “I should turn the whole damn thing on its head.
Push the ego out, kick its ass, leave it for dead.
Then come up with a way to put the goods in the pan
Without anybody knowin’ ‘bout where it began...”

(drum break)

It was simple, you see:
Come up with an ID
That was partially me
But nobody could see

And this concept was key:
Stuff would have to be free
Like a flower or tree.
Hang on, I gotta pee...

(pee break)

So it seemed for the best that the ego should falter.
Get away from the crowds that lay down at its altar.
Makin’ art for the sake of the art, mi amigo.
So I mixed it all together, and I got Faltarego.

Word up, y’all.
Word down, too.
Word forwards...
Word backwards...

Was that rushed?
I thought maybe it sounded a little rushed.


I’m outta here.

The End

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