Well I'm da 'Park', to da 'O', to da 'V-I-C'

And all o' y'all already know that if you step to me

You gets da intricately-finicky-precision stylee

Cuz dat's duh way, dat we roll, dans la maison Park-ee


I got style!

And I use it to get ovah ma fence

I got class!

On a Tuesday - basic self defence

I got bling!

But ma doctor says It's safe to touch


Dat's da name upon ma rabbit hutch


Now ah'mma give a shout out to ma Protag crew,

HSP, River-T and ma man Eloo,

Jack's wac, slick Nick - man you're outta sight, 

Little Dragon, quit yo braggin' girl and take da mic!






The End

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