My name is Eloosive,
I don’t mean to be obtrusive,
But y’all need to back off
And watch how I do this.

You don’t have to worry,
I won’t charge a fee,
But you gotta pay real close attention
If you wanna see                                                                                   me.

Cause I’m hard to spot;
Though I’m often sought,
I’m faster than a rabbit
And I’ve never been caught.

I’m like a memory,
That’s real slippery,
And I don’t have to resort
To no low trickery.

My rhymes are organic;
I stay calm, there’s no panic,
And if you’re not careful
You’ll be the next titanic.

Don’t rush to say goodbye,
I’m actually a nice guy,
To be totally honest
I’m really very shy.

So I’ll end this the right way;
I would just like to say:
Thank you for coming and
Have a wonderful day!

The End

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