Traxisk is my name

It came from a video game

Or rather I got inspiration

From a game fascinatin’

Kingdom Hearts is to me

A cause for jubilee

In it, the Organization

Gave their names transformation

The person they used to be

Had a name, like you or me

Only they couldn’t stand it no more

I guess their old names were a bore

So they took all the letters

And rearranged to make them better

Finally adding an extra “X”

Perhaps for dramatic effect

So their new name was an anagram

Hiding “This is who I really am”

And I thought this was so neat

The same thing, I had to complete

If you take a good hard look

You might see the truth: a girl who likes books

My name in the real world wasn’t replaced

It’s still here – Traxisk – staring you in the face

The End

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