Whoever Picks This Up

Hi, y'all - It's Archi

Thas right.

You know ya want me

In this rap

Cuz I'm back

Like Captain Kidd

Yeah I'm the Squid!

(Please don't eat sushi)

Oh kadzuqski!

It is so frickin' hard to ryhme

At this time

Cuz I'm s'possed ta be

Workin' on my historee

But really

Just hear me


To know jus' what what I'm all about.

Archi Teuthis

(That's Toothis)

Means the Chief O' Squids.

I ain't no Kraken

Cuz I'm lackin'

All those funky arms.

I mean no harm

But I think

I'm hov'rin' on the brink.

So this

Is about

Where I'm gonna stop.

The End

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