Orange Oreos

Hey, my name's OrangeOreos,

Or just Orange for short.

And no, that isn't Halloween,

That's just me playin' a sport.

You know, I got my name from cookies,

And why the hell, I don't know,

But when I saw that black and orange,

Something screamed, "Write! Go!"

So now you all know me as orange,

which I won't use right now,

Because as writers, you should all know

that orange ain't got a rhyme...


Look at that dog run!

Like Atilla the Hun!

What's a Hun?

Did they run?


Who cares!

Well, now I'm hungry as heck,

More than just a little peck...


So this is Orange signing off,

To grab an Ore-Oh

So I'll see ya all later,

From the O! To the R! To the E! To the...


The End

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