I wonder what his name was.

I've been out tonight. I've had some wine. A couple of glasses. I'm going home now. I'm going to go home now. I always go past it when I go home from the bar. When the buses have stopped going on the nights when I've been out. Drinking. That's when I go past the lily pond. You don't really see it, because it's always so dark when I go home. It's always so dark, but I know it's there. It always is. I've had a couple of glasses of wine. I usually do. Not often. Sometimes, but not often. It doesn't happen too often. There is a bit of wine. And champagne. A bit, but never too much. Never too often. I always come home alright. Past the lily pond. From the bar. Through there, when the buses have stopped going. They always seem to stop going before I get going. Home. Before I have time to get home. I drink slowly. Not alot. Slowly. It happens. But not often, never often. Seldom, I'd say, I'd like to say, I'm saying now. I'm going home now. 

I talked to a guy. A guy in. In the bar. Tonight. Just then, a while a go. We talked for a bit. Not about anything in particular, like that. We conversed, as you do. In usual fashion. Even though neither he nor I were usual. We both knew that. Everyone knew that. Even though they didn't dare to look we knew that they knew that they wanted to look but didn't dare. And then he went to go piss and then I left. I wonder what his name was. I never asked. Maybe I should have asked. Maybe I should go back. No. I can't go back now. He's gone now. Why would I go back for. It doesn't matter now. I'm going home now.

But he was nice. We talked a little. I'm going home now. It's probably about half a kilometer left. But 500 meters sounds shorter. I'll be there soon. Soon I'll be home. I'm going home now.

The End

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