The Life Of A Water Molecule

It was almost time.

There were a trillion of us, huddled together as a few thousand more joined. I woke up with a start. As it is, sleeping in a cloud while everyone around you is permanently being juggled around and pushed into you to make space for the newcomers is a nuisance. Now, being woken up by a hard and abrupt push, sending a few of us flying and landing in very inconvenient positions just took the cake. I raised myself up and grumbled in the direction of the pusher, making my way over to join the queue of ‘condensation’. Yes, that’s right. I’m a molecule of water moisture. For now, at least.

I should probably start by introducing myself. I’m Max. I am part of the ongoing water cycle, a very prestigious network, I must say, and I absolutely detest humans and their stupid science theories. You see, humans think that they can prove whatever they know ‘scientifically’, including our lives. They think that condensation occurs because of a dip in temperature in warm, moist air. Now my job is to clear that ‘idea’ and lay down the actual facts. We, the people of the water cycle community, are a very developed populace and refuse to rely on science to get us anywhere and everywhere. Want to know our method of condensation? Alright… I’ll let you in on the secret. We have machines that do the work for us. We have about 2 million of them on each cloud, therefore shortening the queue and enabling us to drop in large quantities. We simply step into them and start to fall. And as we do, we change into water particles. See, simple. None of that temperature dip nonsense.

As I stood in line, I thought about where I would end up by night. That was one of the most exciting things about my life- I traveled a lot, and not in a very organized manner. I go to sleep in a cloud above America although I might have woken up in the Indian Ocean. It is quite thrilling. The second most exciting thing about my life is the fall of condensation. It is utterly and truly exhilarating. You could say I’m one for the extreme sports. Not to mention the prospect of landing in a new surrounding every time.

I reached the front. I was about to become a part of what you people call ‘precipitation’. I could feel the adrenaline rush as I climbed in…

I was in a new place. Again.

Looking around, I could tell that I was not part of a large body of water. Instead, I was on land and was either ‘infiltrating’ or ‘percolating’. Either way, I refused to be a part of the soil, unable to move for God knows how long only to be discovered as icky ‘groundwater’ and then drunk by the idiotic humans. No siree. I glanced around. There was a small stream a little while a way. If I could just somehow manage to push my way till there, I would secure myself from being sucked into the ground for quite some time. I strained and pushed my way towards it for several minutes. No gain. Not only had I not moved a mm, I was also completely exhausted and was now being sponged into the ground with more force. I decided to try a new method. I attempted to push my way down hill so that I could place some of the burden on gravity’s shoulder. With a lot less effort than before, I started to fall downwards. I then forced myself towards the direction of the stream so that I was now moving diagonally. I started to gain speed. This made it easier to maneuver myself towards it. Almost there…

I reached! As I plunged into the stream with a quiet “plink”, I immediately felt a surge of happiness for being united with my fellow mates, back in my world of technology. It may be odd to you folks, but the water community is quite a close-knit one. We may be large, but to us, it sure is a small world after all.


The End

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