Mr. Tux is a bad boy

Mr. Tux, well, he's bad. He's a baby but that's no reason for him to misbehave all the time.  He gets along fairly well with the other cats in the family. He knocks the water dish all over the place and splashes in it; that's not the only water related thing he does. He loves getting in the bath when I'm in it, or if my mother is in there.  Now that it's Mr. Tux, Midnight (the eldest) and myself living away from the family home, he pulls the air conditioner/ heater register vents up out of the floor and explores the ducts. If, that's not bad, then I certainly don't know what is!  He loves the shower and toilet. He cries at the bathroom door when I shower.  If I don't keep the door closed, I have a furry little pal trying to get in there with me! Mr. Tux has a basket of dozens of toys, so why is he so full of mischief??  I love him dearly. I have been told by members of the family that his hyperactivity is payback for how  I was as a child; I don't doubt it! He'll be a year old in December and he's still not very big.  He's bigger than he was when we moved to where we are now, but I still feel he's too small.

The End

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