The Lavender Song

There’s two faces in the mirror

Which one of them is me?

How to know who am I truly

Is there any way for me to be

The one I choose, not chosen for me

Climbing, slipping, reaching

Before I fall, can I please say

That I wouldn’t want it any other way

To live like this for another day

If this is life’s game then I don’t want to play

Can you stop, just stop, please stop the hurting

Enough, enough, that’s too much already

Drink it down, sweetheart, it might burn a little

But in the end it’s all for the better

What you do, what you say, are different things

I can see the true intent in your shaded eyes

Oh, my dear, you say, how the time flies

But no-one ever listens when a child cries

No-one ever cares for the suffering sighs

So here it comes, now, are you ready?

The big moment’s here

Taste the fear

Death is near

It’s all clear, are you ready now?

Can you stop, just stop, please stop the pain now

It’s gone on for far too long

When it hurts, keeps hurting, doesn’t stop

Just listen for the lavender song

Relieve your worries, I’ll wipe your tears away

Wipe them from your bloodied face

It’s all better now

But your time is up

The End

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