The Last of the Great Romantics

A description of a very good friend of mine that I wrote ages ago :)

I had never seen him look like he did, well no I tell a lie, I had seen him like that once before but that is for another time. As we were sitting in McDonald’s we had got onto a conversation of the past and what had happened to each of us. As my friend`s turn came and he started his tale, I saw a tiny smile slowly creeping upon his lips. His eyes betrayed the feelings of happiness he had at this moment of his past and how he craved for a return to that time of pure bliss. As he spoke I heard his voice soften to almost a whisper as he recounted a moment he had a long time with a girl he dearly missed. And whilst he was doing all of this, he slowly looked away from me as if into sunset and I knew that he wished anything for something like that moment to happen again just once.

But yet as soon as this pure joy of remembrance had come to him, it was gone, replaced with a mixture of sadness and loss as he recounted how he had been forced to cut himself from this girl because of the demands of 1 person, a so called friend of his. And I knew, as soon as he had said that to me, it was painful for him, to be cut off from this woman who he had shared so many brilliant memories with. Memories that he would probably take to his grave. And I think he knew, before he had agreed to cut this woman off, that it would hurt, hurt him emotionally more than ever before. And he still did it, he cut out this woman from his heart for a simple friend, a friend who demanded that he cut contact with her simply because he was jealous, his friend, jealous and greedy, wanting this girl all to himself for no actual reason. And the reason the guy agreed to do this horrible act was the simplest reason that has been used throughout the ages, he simply wanted to keep everyone happy.

He explained to me that he had been tried of the constant arguments he had with friends about this girl and the constant moaning from people especially his friend who had repeatedly gone to him saying about it wasn`t fair on her to be put through this . In the end he had not been given a choice and had basically been told to cut off contact with her or lose his other friends.

And when he said this to me, that his friend who is also my friend had forced him to cut this woman out of his life. I felt so sad and annoyed, that one of my so called friends could bring himself to do something so evil and malignant to a fellow person much less someone who I would call my brother. I tried to convince him to get back in contact with this girl, ignore the bastard who had made him do this. But he slowly shook his head and told me that it was for the best if he did nothing and then changed topic as was his usual tactic when having a convo he wanted to end.  And with that I thought of all that had happened to him and all he had done in the name of love and a song I had heard recently that morning which described him and all that he had done and I gave him the name

“The Last of the great romantics”  

The End

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