The last letter.Mature

One page story. ENJOY.

I picked up the last letter he ever sent to me before the accident.

Dear Emma, 

I can't wait to see you again. I miss you so much. I know it will be another two months before I see you with us both being in colleges across the country from each other. How are you? I'm doing good but not great seeing you aren't here with me. I will surely call you tonight to hear your voice. I know it's only been two days since I last heard it but I already miss it. Do you still have that old locket I gave you freshman year? I saw you wearing it on graduation. But it's been a year. What's your big news that you told me in the email? My computer broke so please write back or tell me on the phone. I must go I have a huge exam Monday. 

I love you Emma always. 



I shoved the letter back in the box. Tears streaming down my cheeks. I never got to tell him. Tell him I was pregnant with his child. He died before I could tell him. I throw a pillow across the room. I scream. I would never see him again. My true love. I stare at my stomach. The bump just barely showing. I lay on my bed trying  to calm down. I clutch the locket I never take it off. It was a piece of our past. One I wasn't going to forget.

The End

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