The Last Centurion

More Doctor Who song lyrics :)

He'll come across the galaxy to find us,
Burning up the skies until he sees us.
Though he looks young, he's lived so many years,
And though he has a name Earth knows him better as

The Last Centurion, guarding the Pandorica,
Tugging it through the fire and rain.
The Last Centurion who sat and waited,
Enduring two thousands years of pain.

That man is your father, Melody,
The greatest man we've ever known.
And one day he'll come to takie you
Away from all of this, for he's


No matter where I am, I call, he's there,
A nurse in times of greatest need,
He'll fight a thousand times just to
Hold us in his arms, because he's


The legends speak of a strange Doctor,
Travelling in his mystery box.
But I'll tell you about the man
Who faced another kind of time:


Melody, remember that he's coming,
He won't be long, you'll see him soon,
And he will take us from this place,
He's your father, Melody - that man is

Chorus (x 2?)

The End

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