SCENE II-Outskirts of Alyaport.  FERN sets up her bedroll beneath a date palm.



            When I was a young girl my grandma so often would warn me,

            “Be polite, comb your hair, go to bed while there’s light in the sky,

            ’Cause the bogeyman knows all, and he’ll know if you scorn me,

            And if he gets you, you know that you’ll probably die!”


            Well, I never took stock in that lore, don’t you see,

            I don’t believe in the bogeyman,

            Most monsters I’ve met are just people like me,

            I could always get away if I ran!


            I bet I’ve slept alone in spots more dangerous than here,

            I won’t change my ways for some creep.

            This palm tree will hide me, there’s nothing to fear!

            Now I want, I just want, all I want, all I want is to sleep.


            Sleep, little thief,

            Sleep well, little thief.


            I don’t believe in the bogeyman!


            Sleep, little thief,

            Sleep tight, little thief,

            If you don’t think, then you probably can.


            This is Alyaport,

            Welcome to Alyaport.


            I don’t believe in the bogeyman!


            You should believe in the bogeyman!

FERN goes to sleep.  Exit MORIBA and DUNE-WHISPERERS.  Lights dim.  A short spell of silence, then sounds of dragging, shuffling footsteps and a large animal snuffling.  Cackling laughter from off stage.

(MORIBA, off stage)

            I think she believes in the bogeyman!

The End

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