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Adapted from a previous story of the same title that I wrote about 1.5 years ago. If you can find it, read that too. I thought it was about time to shake up my normal writing process a bit and do something I've never tried before. Here goes.

The Language of the Dunes:  The Musical




Moriba (Narrator):  Mischievous, immortal, goddess-like being with a taste for human blood.  Mezzo-Soprano or Alto.


Fern: Mid 20s, female thief who generally wears men’s clothing.  Has arrived in Alyaport by stowing away on a spice-merchant’s cart, and is intent upon making some money there.  Alto.


Cedric Markason:  12, tall for his age.  An Aechyed, a semiaquatic humanoid species with green skin, pointed ears, webbed fingers, and black hair.  Has come to Alyaport as his uncle’s apprentice.  Male Soprano or Countertenor if possible.  If not, Tenor.


Seymour de Winter:  Mid-Late 30s.  Very tall.  Also an Aechyed with green skin and webbed fingers, like his nephew Cedric.  His black hair is going prematurely grey, and he has metal piercings in his pointed ears.  He is a renowned detective who has come to Alyaport to investigate a string of violent murders.  Tenor.


Seoc MacInnes: Mid 30s.  Rather short.  Seymour’s long-time partner in life and sleuthing, Seoc (his name may be pronounced as either “shock” or “Jacques” or a mix of the two) has grown tired of being dragged along to increasingly far-away destinations to participate in increasingly dangerous adventures, and would much prefer to be at home in Brysail with his books.  Baritone.


Jhra: Ancient, bloodthirsty demon created by Moriba.  Invisible throughout most of the play.  Scenes in which it appears onstage might be best accomplished with the aid of a shadow screen or other similar means, as it is extremely large and grotesque.  Alto or Tenor.



3-5 Pirates

2-3 Barmaids

1-4 Merchants

1-2 Prostitutes

Screaming Woman

2-3 Dune-Whisperers



Settings:  1.) Alyaport, a thriving, sordid little city located in the strip of green between the Antimonic Ocean and the Great Setyan Desert.

               2.) The enormous dunes of said desert.

               3.) The beach.


The End

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