A Day of Mourning, A Day of Hope

The day has come.  After all our toil, after all our hard work, the day is finally here.

Our efforts, it seems, have been in vain.  It appears they have triumphed.

But no effort is ever in vain.

Our pleas for help displayed our devotion.  Our tributes and farewells showed fellowship for our peers.  This hardship has given us strength, has pulled us together, has taught us to move on.

I am in mourning today, you know.

But I am also "in hope," too.

I wear black today.  The darkness and sorrow that has encroached on my heart.  The sadness that has settled in my throat.

I embrace a more pensive demeanor today.  It is in respect.  It's only fair; it's the least I can do.

But it's not all tears and woe.  Not all funerals are completely sad.

I wear my hair in that inside-out French braid I taught myself today.  It is a skill I've acquired, both beautiful and functional.  Kind of like my writing skill.

I wear jeans today.  I may be formal, but I have to relax.  There's nothing more I can do, and I just have to roll with that fact.

I wear my blue-black-cream striped socks today.  My "awesome socks," I call them.  I may be in mourning, but I must remind myself of the fun we've had and the fantastic talent we've seen in the past, and look forward to the awesomeness to come.

I wear up my newer sneakers today.  I have to move on, try something new.  It may take a while to break them in, and it may be a bit painful, but these shoes will keep me going forward on this trail.

I write "The site I'll never forget" on my hand today.  I also draw the familiar scroll.  I want to outwardly show my remembrance of the place I grew to love, even if others "don't get it."  It doesn't matter if others "don't get it."  My fellows "get it."  I "get it."  That's all that matters.

A single tear may slide down my face.  But the only sure sign of affliction may be seen on my heart.

I bite my lip, facing the uncertain horizon.

We may be in mourning.

But we will be strong.

We will perservere.

We will overcome.

The End

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