The Lament

It was so surreal.

The day-breaker.

No, strike that.

The day-destroyer.

December second, in the year two thousand and eight, "a day which will live in infamy," is the day that the news broke.  It foretold the day which our former home would be cleared out.

And my day was bad enough without that news.

There was outrage.

There were mutual tears shed.

There was a great deal of noise made.

We did so much to try to save our home.

And yet, there was nothing we could do.

But at least we tried.

Some of us migrated.  Many are out here now, but many are still wandering out there, homeless and betrayed.

Some of us may have found new, possibly temporary or possibly permanent, homes out there.  But that doesn't mean we've forgotten.  And we certainly haven't forgiven.

I hope all of you will bear with me and my lament.

I hope you're happy AOL.

You've destroyed a perfectly good community, and for what?  To streamline your service?

"I'ts been a fun ride, and we love you..."

Yeah right.

I hope you are frickin' happy.

The End

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