047. Fleemu

Types: Normal

Species: Runaway pokemon

Height: 1.3 m                                              Weight: 38.7 kg

Fleemu evolves into Cassoworry starting at level 30, then into Ostrigon when levelled up whilst holding a dragon feather

Fleemu is a tall but timid emu-like bird pokemon. Despite being a bird-like pokemon it cannot fly because of its large weight and small wings. These small wings are sandy brown but tipped with black. Its body is very hairy except for its long black hairless neck. It has dark brown hair above its brow and a sharp navy beak. Its white, hairless legs come in very handy for running. It longs to fly and follows hoards of flying pokemon for miles trying to fly. This disability gives it low confidence and often performs badly. It is a scared and worried pokemon that needs a lot of love. 

The End

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