046. Armorillo

Types: Steel

Species: Armadillo pokemon

Height: 1.5 m                                              Weight: 39.4 kg

Armorillo evolves from Toddillo when levelled up while holding a steel coat.

Armorillo is a bipedal armodillo with a shell made of metal. It's underbelly is its only weakspot, so goes to great lengths protecting it. It's shell is know equiped with several spikes for extra protection. Its hands and feet have four long metal claws and a band of spikes on the wrists. It's head is covered in metal (similar to Aggron) with its rough nose sticking out from the end. When it rolls up in a ball and travells anything that gets in its way will be crushed or destroyed. It is much stronger than Toddillo and is a fierce and protective mother.

The End

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