045. Toddillo

Types: Normal

Species: Armadillo pokemon

Height: 0.7 m                                              Weight: 14.8 kg

Toddillo evolves into Armorillo when levelled up while holding a steel coat.

Toddillo is a simple armadillo-like pokemon that is coloured brown except for a silver belly. It has a large shell on its back to is used as a defense mechanism. When threatened it can roll-up in a hard ball. It has a long snout which it uses to sing to mates, when it finds one its tail naturally turns to steel. Though a normal pokemon, it lives in the rainforests on Phestring in Southern Koshen. They are keen diggers and thier four feet each have four metal claws, they are rarely used in battle however, because they cannot be raised more than a few centimetres off the ground due to Toddillo's body structure.

The End

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