041. Vespirex

Types: Bug/Flying

Species: Beehive Drone pokemon

Height: 1.0 m                                              Weight: 37.5 kg

Vespirex evolves from male Combee starting at level 21, but only if it holding a king's rock.

Vespirex is a giant bee pokemon that lookes like Vespiquen except with a black abdomen which is covered by what  resembles a black and yellow royal cloak. Unlike his female counterpart, Vespirex cannot nest baby Combee, but can produce honey for them. Even though, Vespirex is supposed to be the king bee, their are many to a hive, all lower than the queen. They live only to mate with Vespiquen, so competition is common. They have bigger wings and thier head is topped with a crown. Thier fangs on thier faces look like beards, common among old english kings

The End

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