038. Vampiro

Types: Dark/Flying

Species: Vampire pokemon

Height: 1.3 m                                              Weight: 20.5 kg

Vampiro evolves from Batto, when exposed to radiation from a moon stone.

Vampiro is more than double the size of its pre-evolution. Instead of having stubby feet like Batto, Vampiro has long, human-like legs. Vampiro has a leather cape and wings, both of which are coated in dark brown fur. The wings are incedibly long and powerful, perfect for flying long distances. It's black leather skin is grooved to give the impression of a waiscoat. It's fangs are the same size as Batto's but the body has grown so they fit inside the mouth. Vampiro has brown hair on its head, resembling a person. This pokemon is told in tales to scare people and was once the most hated pokemon of all time.

The End

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