037. Batto

Types: Dark/Flying

Species: Bat pokemon

Height: 0.6 m                                              Weight: 5.8 kg

Batto evolves into Vampiro when exposed to radiation from a Moon Stone.

Batto is a black, bat-like pokemon that only flies at night. It has leathery skin, two very large ears and a necklace of dark brown fur around its neck. This fur goes down the spine and end with a large tuft and the tip. It's most notable feature is the fangs which reach from its mouth to its stomach. Half of Batto's entire body. It's belly is quite pudgy, yet it can still fly incredibly fast, especially when a full moon is out. This is when it is at its strongest. This pokemon is very secretive and shy, but mostly stays away from people because it is known as a pest. It is very dangerous because it loves the taste of blood.

The End

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