035. Rabbess

Types: Grass

Species: Princess Rabbit pokemon

Height: 0.7 m                                              Weight: 12.5 kg

Rabbess evolves from Babunny starting from level 16, then into Harqueene starting at level 34.

Rabbess is a small-ish dark-brown rabbit pokemon. It's fur is coated in plants, but much more flowers than its male counterpart, because of its loving nature. Instead of a male horn, it's head contains two swirls of fur which mean wisdom. It is much more sophisticated and wise than Rabbince, but still is lower down in the heirachy because of its gender. It's front teeth are straight not pointed, its paws are soft and fluffy and has no intention of fighting. It is a peace loving pokemon, making it one of the worst to have in a battle, rivalled only by Magikarp and Feebass.

The End

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