034. Harkinge

Types: Grass/Fighting

Species: Alpha Rabbit pokemon

Height: 1.2 m                                              Weight: 27.5 kg

Harkinge evolves from Rabbince starting at level 34. It is one of Babunnies two final forms.

Harkinge is much bigger than its pre-evolutions and has sturdy back legs to stand on. Although it runs quicker on four legs, it is almost always on two. In a fighting stance. It's body is now almost plant, except for the skinny belly, which is black. It's entire back is covered in leaves. It's knuckles are coated in flora, to give the look of boxing gloves. It's tail is smaller than the female counterpart, but still a green shrub. This pokemon is not part-fighting which is does very often. It uses fists, dagger-like teeth, powerful legs or spike on the forehead. It is very vicious and a great pokemon to have in your party.

The End

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