033. Rabbince

Types: Grass

Species: Prince Rabbit pokemon

Height: 0.8 m                                              Weight: 13.5 kg

Rabbince evolves from Babunny starting at level 16, and into Harking starting at level 34.

Rabbince is a medium-sized dark brown rabbit pokemon. Though its fur is brown, it is coated in many leaves and flowers, that absorb light to give Rabbince energy. They are very energetic and keen to get into battle, as they are very prepared. Thier large paws are capped with claws, and thier front teeth and dagger-shaped. They have a horn on thier heads with shoots out bullet seed in battle. Unlike the female counterpart, Rabbince never hides and loves to seek new adventure. They can be stubborn and big-headed at times.

The End

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