032. Babunny

Types: Grass

Species: Baby rabbit pokemon

Height: 0.5 m                                              Weight: 8.0 kg

Babunny evolves into Rabbince if male, or Rabbess if female, starting at level 16. Rabbince then evolves into Harking, and Rabbess into Harqueen starting at level 34.

Babunny is a small rabbit pokemon with large, floopy ears and a big set of front teeth. Their brown fur is coated in small bulbs that bloom upon evolution. The males and females are very different. Males have bigger ears and pointier tips, thier teeth are sharper and have claws unlike females. Females are often found with a swirl of fur on the forehead instead of the male horn. Both have green cotton tails that contain seeds that drop into the manure left behind, in order to grow. Whatever gender, they are playful, loveable and friendly.

The End

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