031. Pharoar

Types: Psychic/Ground

Species: Spiritual pokemon

Height: 2.1 m                                              Weight: 94.5 kg

Pharoar evolves from Pyrameow starting at level 40. It is Royaleo's final form.

Pharoar is a giant sphynx except with a lion's face and large teeth. The mane it grew as a Pyrameow is mostly stone and the beard is capped with a snake's head. It has huge paws which are patterned with a star each. Their entire body is coated in brown bands, with the exception of the tail with is gold and topped with a pyramaid shape. This huge pokemon is not much of a mover, so was used to guard the palace or pyramaid gates. It is incredibly strong and can withstand many moves. It is said, it can harness the powers of the gods and the dead. When it teleports it is thought it teleports to the land of the dead.

The End

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