029. Royaleo

Types: Psychic

Species: Sacred pokemon

Height: 0.5 m                                              Weight: 14.0 kg

Royaleo evolves into Pyrameow starting at level 20, and then into Pharoar starting at level 40.

Royaleo is a small pale sand coloured cat-pokemon, that is sacred and royal in ancient egypt. It has a soft, slender coat that can withstand the temperatures and storms of the desert. It has a pair of cute and erect ears, that can hear the dead. It has two black dots above its own eyes, which are said to see into the afterlife. They have a long tail which ends with the head of anubis. It's small mane is said to resemble the pharoah's headwear. It is often lazy because of its history of luxury.

The End

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