028. Birdoom

Types: Ghost/Flying

Species: Disaster pokemon

Height: 1.1 m                                              Weight: 0.9 kg

Birdoom evolves from Birdead starting at level 23.

Birdead is a large black bird with a sketelon body that is mostly coated in ghastly feathers. The skull has a very long, crooked beak which is almost the length of Birdoom's entire body. It's talons are incredibly sharp and good at clutching. When they fly, it is said flowers die if touched by thier vapour cape that starts from thier skull and often ditaches and travells for miles in the wind. They have very big wings that loose feathers in age, these feathers are a sign of death or disasters. It is said, when they die, a natural disaster happens to send them off. They only fly at night.

The End

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