027. Birdead

Types: Ghost/Flying

Species: Curse pokemon

Height: 0.5 m                                              Weight: 0.7 kg

Birdead evolves into Birdemon starting at level 23.

Birdead is a small, dark purple bird with its white ribs of display. However, the rest of its skeleton is covered by ghostly feathers, with the exception of the skull. It head is mainly made up of said skull with a set of eyes in the holes and a trio of feathers coating the top. These feathers arect on a full moon and it reaches its maximum strength. It is very quick and agile, and can even turn invisible when spooked. Due to it being a spooky pokemon, this does not happen very often. It is thought to be an omen of death or plague. For the curse pokemon this is true, though largely exaggerated. It is rarely ever seen in the day.  

The End

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