022. Thundrill

Types: Ground/Electric

Species: Super Digger pokemon

Height: 1.9m                                              Weight: 74.7kg

Thundrill evolves from Drillight starting at level 38. It is the final form of Diglow.

Thundrill is a giant, armadillo-like pokemon with a golden star-shaped shell which covers the entire back portion of its body. Each star point is for the arms, legs and head. A long ,dark yellow armadillo-like head comes out the top point. Above it is several little drills and one made giant one which comes over the face at night. Each arm and leg has a trio of electric drills. These drills can dig and send electric shockwaves. It can blend it amazingly in its sandy habitat, to avoid human contact. It is said they can stop sandstorms by causing thunder. They are very keen diggers and have been found miles underground. 

The End

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