021. Drillight

Types: Ground

Species: Drill pokemon

Height: 1.0 m                                              Weight: 19.5 kg

Drillight evolves from Diglow starting at level 19, then into Thundrill starting at level 38.

Drillight are larger versions of Diglow, with pangolin like scales. They have three metal claws on each point excpet for the head, which increase thier digging speed. They are now a slightly lighter shade of yellow, but near black on the hands and feet. The pointed head is know equiped with a blade used for combat in mating season. A tail has no grown that is used for clearing passages while digging. This pokemon can withstand both sandstorms and thunderstorms with no worries. Every time it is struck by lightning, it stores a bit for battle.

This is a pokemon often used by Terry, the gym leader of Agriledon Town

The End

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