019. Eaglavian

Types: Normal/Flying

Species: Bird of Prey pokemon

Height: 1.3m                                              Weight: 29.3 kg

Eaglavian evolves from Falcado starting at level 28. It is the final form of Hawkado.

Eaglavian is one of the most vicious and violent bird pokemon known to man. It is very dark red in coloration, with black tipped feathers. It's beak and talons are golden mahogany, but both tipped with red. The more kills a certain Eaglavian has made, the bigger the red tips. It has a three-feather tail which is uses for co-ordination in flying. It is slower than its prevolved form because of its bigger size, but is still one of the fastest. Eaglavian can be found in caves of highly woodland. They have thick feather coats to keep warm. 

The End

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