014. Grubabe

Types: Bug

Species: Grub pokemon

Height: 0.3m                                              Weight: 3.5kg

Grubabe evolves into Toxipod starting at level 8, then into Stingross starting at level 12.

Grubabe are small, lazy pokemon. They spend all day lying around and eating, they are one of very few pokemon that can evolve without doing anything. Eating to them, is classed as a move and therefore they soon evolve. When a trainer catches them, they get out of thier lazy habit. They are famed for quickly evolving into bug's of great strength. Grubabe are quite toxic and have a blood stream full of poison. If another pokemon eats them they will become very ill, and possibly die. This is where the Koshen saying "revenge from beyond the grave" comes from.

This pokemon is often used by Gym leader Minnie of Silverstone City in battle.

The End

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