007. Eelight

Types: Water

Species: Light pokemon

Height: 1.0 m                                              Weight: 20. 1kg

Along with Plantail and Volkitten, Eelight is one of the starter pokemon professor Willow gives out in Eneroad City

It evolves into Serpulse starting at level 18, and then into Shockraken starting at level 36

Eelight is a sky blue eel-like pokemon. It is quite fat but very quick in water. It has a pale yellow beak and tiny fins that barely come in use. On its head and tail are lighting shaped horns which mildly paralyse those who touch it. The horn on its tail has a split down the middle for double electricity. It's conducting skin is incredibly smooth. It is quite a fun loving pokemon and loves to play practical jokes. There have been many cases of rather vicious Eelight. They are very stubborn pokemon.  

The End

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