004. Volkitten

Types: Fire

Species: Feline pokemon

Height: 0.5 m                                              Weight: 10.7 kg

Along with Volkitten and Eelight, it is one of the three starter pokemon given by Professor Willow in Eneroad Town

It evolves into Flameow starting at level 16 and then into Inferline starting at level 36

Volkitten resembles a small ginger kitten. It has three dark rouge stripes on it's back. Their ears are permenently erect causing them to hear for miles around. It's head is very hot and the tip of it's tail is alight. Strangely, when swimming the fire cannot be put out, it only goes out when Volkitten reaches hyperthermic temperatures of coldness. When the fire goes out, Volkitten's life soon follows.


The End

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