003. Toadamp

Types: Grass

Species: Amphibian pokemon

Height: 1.6 m                                              Weight: 29.2 kg

Toadamp evolves from Frograss starting at level 34. It is Plantail's final form.

Neptoad is a large jungle green coloured toad, which is coated in exotic plants and rainforest flora along its four thick legs. It's back and head are coated in many leaves and plants giving it the look of green back hair. Although it's large toes are webbed, it is rather quick and good at climbing. It's powerful tongue can stick to any surface and carry its weight for over a minute. This may vary depending on how hydrated or dehydrated at the time. They thrive in the rainforest where the heat keeps thier strength up, and the humidity keeps them going. They can be very powerful yet very stubborn.

The End

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