002. Frograss

Types: Grass

Species: Amphibian Pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 19.7kg

It evolves from Plantail starting at level 16, and evolves into Toadamp at level 34

Frograss is now a complete frog that mildly resembles Politoed. It is coloured a darker shade of green that Plantail and has seven leaves. Three on its head that sprout from the same route, and four on its back in two rows of two. It enjoys pond life though performs better on land in hot, humid conditions such as the rainforest. It is famed for being able to stick to any surface with its webbed toes. It has an incredibly long tongue that can absorb a plants nutrients with a single lick. When the sun is out, its leaves will stand upright and follow it, like a sunflower.

The End

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