091. Lunearth

Types: Ground/Psychic

Species: Crashed pokemon

Height: 1.7 m                                              Weight: 368.6 kg

Lunearth evolves from Lunatone when levelled up while holding an Iron Ball

Lunearth is a dark cream pokemon. It is shaped like a crescent moon tilted 45 degrees to the right. It has four rhino-like legs which claws to help run and climb. Two are at the crescent tip nearest to the ground and two are located underneath the eyes. Unlike Lunatone, Lunearth's beak is on the outer of the crescent-shape instead of in the inside. The beak also has a Rhino-horn on the tip. It can read throughts and is capable of brainwashing. It absorbs its energy from moonlight and performs better at night. Unlike Solground it is very quick and strong.  

Sybill, the famous gym leader of Weathercap City owns a Lunearth

The End

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