088. Charcock

Types: Fire/Flying

Species: Peacock pokemon

Height: 0.9 m                                              Weight: 40.7 kg

Charcoak evolves from Embird starting at level 22, then evolves into Champeac starting at level 42

Charcoak is a clever bird pokemon. It is orange in colour except for a golden beak and talons and red on the crest, wings and tails. There are three tails, each one long and curly at the end. When fluttered, hot ash floats out causing coughing and weezing. If filmed then slowed down, the fluttered feathers seem to show a scary face This pokemon is often seen soaring the twilight sky crying out in joy. This pokemon has been given the gift of regaining health when hit by a fire-type move.

The End

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